Recently, I conducted a cross examination of an experienced police officer that literally “shook up” the officer.  You don’t have to take my word for it: after he finished testifying he sulked over to a conference room and complained to two other officers about feeling “shaken up.” One of the officers to whom he complained later testified about the officer’s complaint about being shooken up by my cross examination:

Several times, the officer complained to the detective that he was shaken up and the detective admitted it unde oath. Only a killer cross examination can actually have that much impact on a witness. 

Later, the detective explained the impact further: the killer cross examination caused him to feel penned in. The officer felt like things he thought were black and white became grey: 

Later, the detective actually testified about the killer cross examination in a way that reveals how challenging it is for police officers to handle: the detective wants me to teach cops how to handle my cross examination style: 
It’s hard to find a cross examination style and cross examiner that is so effective that it shakes up a witness and causes another to ask the lawyer to teach cops how to deal with it.  As you can see, even the judge acknowledged the effectiveness of my style. 

Stay tuned for more cross examination tips by Neil Rockind of Rockind Law.