It has been too long since my last installment of killercrossexamination. I’m sorry about that. Lot’s going on…new website (, new award (Leader in the Law), television appearances (WDIV), etc.  Still, there is no excuse for not writing about my passion – great cross examination.  So here is a short but fun piece on “getting the cop to answer.”

I have many methods that I use to get the reluctant witness to answer. One of my favorites though is to ask the officer a simple question:

If you don’t want to answer my question just say ‘I don’t want to answer that question’

It focuses everyone’s attention on the evasiveness of the officer’s answers.  Here is an example where the officer didn’t want to admit that my client’s freedom of movement was deprived in a significant way, ie, the standard for custody.

Notice how he wouldn’t answer the question until I asked him simply, “if you don’t want to answer it, just say so.” At that point, he answers the question that he had been evading for nearly a page of testimony.

I have more to share on cross examination and many more transcripts to reveal.  However, I too long neglected updating this killer cross examination blog and wanted to take a moment to remind everyone that when it comes to cross examination, there is no better way than my way: killer cross examination.

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Neil Rockind had received nearly every accolade or honor as a criminal defense lawyer. He is the founder of Rockind Law, a criminal defense firm in Michigan. He is also the WDIV-TV legal expert commenting on law related issues and high profile cases.