Killer Cross Examination (defined): using wit, humor, logic and real time to undermine the state’s case while advocating our own case, i.e., a cross examination that kills the government’s case and “kills it” for the defense.

Neil Rockind, a veteran and award-winning criminal defense lawyer, shares his insight into what he terms “killer cross examination.”  Rockind, a former assistant prosecuting attorney and radio talk show host, believes that killer cross examination is the key to winning any case:  using cross examination in way that highlights the issues and defenses that you are advocating while undermining the foundation for the government’s case.  Rockind has become known for winning cases that other lawyers could not, cases that lawyers and prosecutors believed could not be won and cases where other lawyers would have given up.  Time after time, Rockind has taken over cases for other lawyers who were attempting to compel their clients to plead and in the face of “no defense”, developed a defense theory and pursued that theory through his cross examination of the government’s witnesses.  On this website, Rockind will share his views, transcripts, case examples and other tidbits about cross examination.   Get ready for an entertaining look at cross examination, Rockweiler/Rockind style, i.e., Killer Cross Examination.