Textbook Cross Of The Interrogating Detective | Several Lawyers Have Called This Cross “Brilliant” And Insisted On Publication

Sometimes, a cross examination of a witness flows so smoothly, is so powerful and so totally destroys the witness’s testimony that even the opposing side is left in awe.  Most lawyers never accomplish such a cross examination.  Some of the top lawyers, experience this feat several times.  The best of the best know this feeling well — this is the high bar that they set for themselves.  In a drug case that Rockind Law is still litigating, the prosecution called a witness to the stand to testify to our client’s supposedly incriminating and contradictory statements made during a police interrogation.   My cross examination was so compelling that one of the prosecutors when it was over, pulled me aside and paid me a compliment.  That same prosecutor same something similar in our last hearing.  When I said, “you weren’t smirking during that cross examination”, he responded and said, “No, I most certainly was not.”   My co-counsel in the case ordered the transcript and have repeatedly referred to it as a “masterpiece”, “masterful”, “best ever”, “textbook” and the “cross that young lawyers should have to read.”   I can’t tell you whether it was worth that amount of praise, but I remember it and I have to say, as an aficionado of cross examination, I appreciated my own work  on this one.

Take a look.  Take a read.  Let me know what you think.   Click on the Cross Examination Transcript to read the entire cross for yourself.

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