Throughout his career, Neil Rockind has often been shadowed or observed by a broad range of people. From law students to attorneys eager to see Neil in his zone, along with journalists and even regular civilians curious to see a master of his craft at work, Neil soon realized that YouTube would provide a convenient and effective opportunity for addressing the considerable level of interest that many people had for seeing him in action. By uploading videos that capture segments of certain trials or hearings, Neil is able to shed light on what occurs in some of his most interesting and contentious cases with people from all over, while at the same time offering riveting insight into how he approaches certain tasks, witnesses, and challenges.

The considerable success which Neil has experienced during his career has led to frequent requests for his participation in legal seminars, community events, and media commentary. In addition to his regular appearances on Local 4 News as the station’s legal analyst, Neil will soon be uploading videos of his many roles and contributions outside of the courtroom. You can already view Neil’s TED Talk on “The Joy of the Jury”, which earned much praise. As Neil will be uploading new content soon, subscribers have a lot to look forward to!

While the greatest demand is for Neil’s famed cross-examinations, he will soon be sharing a diverse range of video content on YouTube. In the near future, Neil will be uploading videos of all varieties, from more of his courtroom showdowns to podcasts, interviews, media clips, and much, much more! Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss out on the upcoming material, and feel free to like, comment on, and share your favorite videos!