Robinhood. Vlad.  Citadel.  Steve Cohen. David Portnoy.  Game Stop.  Nokia.  AMC Theaters Holdings.  Dogecoin.  Bitcoin.  Shorts.  Options.  Wall Street bets.  Reddit.  We’ve seen a convergence of these names, financial terms, stocks, companies and entities over last few weeks as old school Wall Street butted heads with the public and WSB Reddit.  But when traders needed a platform to trade, Robin Hood and other similar trading companies banned trades, halted trading, changed the rules.  Wall Street benefitted.  The individual investor did not.  Yet, not one of the leaders, power brokers or those involved were subjected to real cross examination – real powerful, probing questioning.  I saw the interviews on television.  Softball questions.  Time limits.  What we needed is/was killer cross examination of Vlad and others.  In fact, I offered to do it.  

This is where Killer Cross Examination meets Robin Hood.  

Please be aware we are relying on impressions, recollections, memories and interpretations.

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