Best of Killer Cross 2021

“You can’t handle the truth”, the famous response elicited from fictional Lt Colonel Nathan Jessup on cross examination by the character played by Tom Cruise to this day remains the quintessential “gotcha” moment in a trial. A cross examination so good that it broke the witness, cracked the case and freed the accused. Popular shows, documentaries, movies and docudramas all focus on this type of cross examination moment – moments created by the dynamic exchange between lawyers and witnesses.

In 2021, my podcast the Killer Cross Examination Podcast, featured some of the best, most well known and iconic lawyers in the country.  The lawyers who joined me included lawyers who defended OJ Simpson, Michael Jackson, Bill Cosby, George Zimmerman, Phil Spector, Steve Avery, Charlie Sheen, John Gotti, Jr., William Kennedy Smith, Chris Webber, Casey Anthony and Michael Peterson to name a few.  From A-Z, Anne Bremner to Jack Zimmermann, I interviewed my peers, the lawyers who the writers try to copy and emulate when they write the scripts for the Netflix shows. Unscripted, uncensored and more.  As we say hello to 2022, I also bid farewell to F. Lee Bailey, who pointing a finger at me said, “I know a great trial lawyer when I see one.”

Here are some excerpts from 2021 from the Killer Cross Examination Podcast featuring yours truly, F Lee Bailey, and other iconic lawyers, e.g., Tom Mesereau, Alan Dershowitz, Mark Geragos, Linda Kenney Baden, and more.

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Happy New Year

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