Dream Team, Part 3: A Deep Dive With OJ Simpson Lawyer And Johnnie Cochran Protege Carl Douglas

If you listened to Dream Team member, Carl Douglas, relive the Glove Incident and testimony, this is the full interview with him on the Killer Cross Examination Podcast. It is long but Carl had a front row seat to history and relishes in his role in that case and working with Cochran. The Dream Team. The members and lawyers that took part in the defense of OJ Simpson are legendary. The made history. This is the third interview that Neil Rockind has conducted with a member of the Dream Team: F Lee Bailey, Alan Dershowitz and now Carl Douglas. This is an incredible interview. He goes in depth on Cochran, Shapiro, OJ Simpson, the Glove Incident and more.

Neil Rockind is a trial lawyer, appears regularly on television and in the news, defends people in serious court cases, is a regular guest on the Law and Crime Network and also discuss popular trials and cases and current events with other tops lawyers around the country. His nickname is “The Rockweiler” and he’s known for his cross examination style.  Week in and week out, we interview the best and most newsworthy lawyers in the country.  This episode is no exception.  The Dream Team, Part 3.

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