Bulletproof: The King Of The South, Florida Lawyer John Phillips

Some lawyers were meant to handle high stakes, high pressure cases. And then there is John Phillips, the legendary Florida lawyer. He takes on the toughest, most high pressure cases imaginable, e.g., litigation on behalf of Omarosa Manigault (from the Apprentice TV Show and who worked for the 45th President Donald Trump) against former President Trump, representing Abigail Disney (the heir to the Disney empire), defending rappers and even defending The Tiger King aka Joe Exotic and appearing on the Netflix series about Joe Exotic to name just a few. Phillips is much more than the sum of those high profile cases however. A board certified personal injury injury with record-breaking verdicts, he is also a son of the Deep South, grew up aware of prejudices and racial bias and has spent his career fighting those injustices. His work as a civil rights trial lawyer is the stuff of legends — he fights regularly on behalf of those who have been the victims of police abuse and excessive force. Catch his Ted Talk on the subject in which he describes his passion and the risks that he takes to prosecute cases against police officers who have abused his clients. When we were interviewing he was gearing up for a retrial in the case of the Estate of Greg Hill, a lawsuit in which the estate and survivors of Greg Hill were suing a police officer who shot him through Hills’ closed garage door. He tried the case a 2nd time and is prepared, according to him, to try it as many times as it takes in order for him to get justice for Hill’s family. On this episode of the podcast, I sit down with John Phillips.

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