“If I find anything that you haven’t told me about, I’ll shred your house apart.”

There is not much ambiguity in this statement. A seasoned police detective in the presence of another uniform officer said this to a scared 18 year old who had just been arrested. The kid became physically and noticeably ill. When he summoned up the courage to inquire about a lawyer, he was put off. When he asked to make a call to his unsuspecting mother and grandmother, who were at home, he was put off. This is intolerable. All lawyers should not only condone this behavior, but do what you have to put a stop to it.

Yet, I’m still in court defending the case with attempts being made to compartmentalize the misconduct or say that it doesn’t change anything.

This episode is devoted to this case, this fight. 

Please be aware we are relying on impressions, recollections, memories and interpretations.

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