Queen’s Gambit is a television show about chess. Bobby Fisher, perhaps the most famous/infamous chess player in history, once proclaimed that “chess is life.” In many ways, this is true. It is certainly true of litigation, criminal defense cases and the cross examination. When I cross examine, we are trying to think many moves ahead so that nothing our opponent does comes as a surprise. Rather, we are trying to maneuver our opponent, whether it be the prosecutor or a witness, into a bad position.

Recently we obtained a dismissal in a very high-profile case in a traffic related death case. Rockind Law was the third law firm to get involved in the case and like a chess player, we surveyed the board, considered the possible moves and put in place a strategy to corner our opponent and obtain a dismissal. In the Queen’s Gambit show, Elizabeth Harmon, the star of the show, is known for visualizing her moves and the board. We did this in our most recent win. In this episode, the Queen’s Gambit Episode of our podcast, I walk you through that victory and strategy.

Please be aware we are relying on impressions, recollections, memories and interpretations.

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