Ven Johnson a.k.a Ven Fights

Ven Johnson the venerable civil rights, plaintiff’s injury and high profile lawyer, joins Neil Rockind on this episode of the Killer Cross Examination Podcast. The episode is electric.  Ven, whose nickname is the Fighter and Ven Fights, and Neil Rockind, the Rockweiler, discuss Ven Johnson’s career, Ben Crump, Geoffrey Fieger, Patrick Layoya, the Flint Water Class Action Case, the Midland Flood Case, the Oxford High School Shooting Case and a whopping $100,000,000 (100 Million Dollar) verdict Ven Johnson got from a Georgia jury for his client, Jessie Blassingame in Georgia this year.

Some highlights: Ven Johnson reveals how he prepares for cases/trials, what is like working with Ben Crump, how he feels about the Oxford Consolidated School District Board and why discusses how he has uncovered so much information that wasn’t previously known about it, his representation of Patrick Layoya along with Ben Crump and his TKO in the first round of the trial against Atlanta on behalf of Jessie Blassingame.  You do not want to miss this episode – the Blassingame war story is worth the price of admission alone.

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