JOSE BAEZ | Casey Anthony & Aaron Hernandez Defense Attorney

Jose Baez the masterful criminal defense lawyer who engineered acquittals in Aaron Hernandez’s murder case, Casey Anthony’s murder trial, William Husel’s murder case, is a household name. His exploits in the courtroom and in high profile cases is right up there with F. Lee Bailey, Thomas Mesereau, Mark Geragos, Mark O’Mara, Rex Parris, Linda Kenney Baden, Diane Menashe and others. No #truecrime or trial lawyer focused podcast would be complete without Jose Baez. Jose Baez joins Neil Rockind, The Rockweiler, on this episode of the Killer Cross Examination Podcast.

Do you want to more about the Aaron Hernandez case?

Wonder how Baez became a criminal defense lawyer?

Do you know whether Baez thinks “snark” and “sarcasm” and mocking prosecutors is appropriate nor not?

Do you want to know why he thought the William Husel case was so important?

How does he handle associates and junior lawyers in the courtroom and what does he tell them and his clients when they’re in the courtroom?

Does he script his closing arguments?

Where did the Oprah Winfrey “Immunity” closing argument come from in the Hernandez case?

How does he handle difficult judges? How does he deal with his notoriety in his cases?

His technique?

Want to know the answers? Watch/Listen to the podcast.

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