After Obtaining An Acquittal For Travis Rudolph, Marc Shiner Does Killer Cross

Marc Shiner is our guest for this week’s Killer Cross Examination Podcast episode. I go behind the scenes of the Travis Rudolph murder case, the former Florida State University Football star who shiner defended in a Florida courtroom. Marc Shiner obtained an acquittal on all counts for Travis Rudolph. The case was highly publicized and not without fireworks: Shiner went after lead detective Emily Vander-Laan over her investigation. Shiner’s style of cross examination and in particular his cross examination of Vander-Laan is unconventional but incredibly effective. Shiner engages in a physical style of cross examination that really challenges the witness and was so effective in this case that not only did the jury disbelieve Vander-Laan but many observers (who watched his challenge of her) wanted other cases of hers reopened and re-examined.