Killer Cross Examination Disclaimer

This podcast explores cross examination techniques pulled from real cases, some handled by Neil Rockind and other lawyers with the Rockind Law firm.   The stories are summaries and based on the recollections of the writers, authors, attorneys involved and others that participated or were aware of the cases and events.

While every effort has been made to describe the story as accurately as possible and in good faith, the form of the podcast, it is important to note that we are relying on recollections, our interpretations and impressions. In other words, they are meant for entertainment and instructional purposes and if any deviation occurs from the actual transcript or events, those deviations are unintentional.

Additionally, when we offer an opinion that a witness was untruthful or that the witness’s story was revealed to be untrue or unreliable, we are again repeating our opinions and impressions and repeating what the arguments that we made to the jury/court and what we attempted to accomplish with the cross examination.  Again, these are our opinions and impressions based on recollections and all are made in good faith.