Canadian Killer Cross with Joseph Neuberger

This week’s guest on Killer Cross Examination takes us on a journey into the life of a Canadian criminal defense attorney, and ultimately what that experience has meant for him. Joseph Neuberger is our guest. Neuberger is one of Ontario’s most prominent and well-known criminal defense lawyers. Prior to the podcast, I knew little about Neuberger and the Canadian criminal justice system. I know much more about both now.

Jury Trials: Neuberger discusses the value of jury trials and shares his envy for the American justice system where jury trials are a guarantee. Did you know that in Canada, jury trials are not a guarantee in other type of case other than a murder case? Simply put, jury trials do not exist in other than murder cases. This concept was so foreign to me that I had a hard time processing it when Neuberger shared as much during the podcast.

Voir Dire: One of my favorite parts of a jury trial is voir dire, the part of a jury trial where we lawyers question prospective jurors and root out those with a bias or a preconceived notion. Canada has eliminated peremptory challenges and voir dire. No voir dire? We lawyers cannot put questions to jurors and feel them out about their views and opinions on issues that are relevant to the case? Neuberger was envious that the practice is still so robust and vibrant in the US and he shared his longing for it to return to Canada. .

Cross Examination: We take cross examination and our independence from the judiciary for granted. Were a judge to insist on reviewing and approving a lawyer’s cross examination material here in the United States, lawyers and civil libertarians everyone would balk. But in Canada, their rules and constitution are different – not only are you not guaranteed the right to a jury trial for most offenses but your lawyers must submit their cross examination to the court for review ahead of time. Neuberger explains the impact on all of this and his practice and it is fascinating.

Violence and Assault Cases: Neuberger discuses domestic violence, sexual assault, divorce and allegations in the midst of contentious divorce cases, Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, false allegations and he shares his opinion on the frequency on false allegations – and make no mistake about it, Neuberger has an opinion. Be warned — he is not afraid to share it.

Joesph Neuberger, welcome to the podcast.

Darryl Goldberg (The Mule’s Lawyer) Does Killer Cross!

He defended the real life “Mule”, the subject of the movie starring Clint Eastwood and Bradley Cooper and directed by Clint Eastwood, represented Drew Peterson, the former police officer charged with murdering one of his wives and took part in the “Family Secrets” case in which characters and scenes in the movie Casino, starring Robert DeNiro and Joe Pesci, were loosely based and he’s here to share his stories and approach to trials. Darryl Goldberg Does Killer Cross!

Sarah Swain AKA “Wonder Woman” Does Killer Cross

I bet you didn’t know that Wonder Woman lives in Kansas. Well, she does. Swain is nicknamed “Wonder Woman” and her firm is often referred to as “the Swain Train”. The Rockweiler meets Wonder Woman. This is an incredible episode.

For all of you progressives and for whose who wonder if it is different for a woman, listen to this episode. Swain is a maverick. In the heart of the Midwest, Kansas, Swain’s motto is “F— the Patriarchy” and she means it! She ran for Attorney General and wasn’t supported by either party. When asked who she’d like to cross examine, whether dead or alive, she said, “OJ Simpson”! When asked why? Swain said, “because I’d get him to confess.” Amazing stuff! When asked who the best cross examiner she’s ever seen was/is, she didn’t hesitate, “me”, she said. For years, the gnarlier the case, the more she wanted to be involved.

Making A Murderer’s Dean Strang Does Killer Cross!

Making A Murderer, the Netflix Documentary Series, captured the attention of tends of millions. The series followed the prosecution of Steve Avery and Brendan Dassey for the murder of Teresa Halback. Dean Strang defended Steve Avery and he takes us behind the scenes, tells us what it was like making the show, his reaction to the verdict, his style in the courtroom and his favorite cross examination story (it involves Wayne Newton, the venerable Las Vegas entertainer). He discusses how he became a lawyer, what he did before becoming a lawyer, how he ended up in criminal defense and how he ended up defending Avery in case that gripped the nation. You do not want to miss this episode – and this is one that the longer you listen to it, the better it gets.

Alan Dershowitz Does Killer Cross

Alan Dershowitz Does Killer Cross. He needs no introduction. A participant in some of the biggest cases in history, e.g., Mike Tyson, Patty Hearst, Leona Helmsley, Michael Milken, Reverend Jim Bakker, Claus von Bulow, OJ Simpson, Jeff Epstein and Donald Trump, Dershowitz is one of the most significant lawyers, authors, commentators and scholars in American legal history. Dershowitz joins Neil Rockind to discuss his career, his first case, his favorite cross examination, the best cross examiner he has ever seen, his opinion of Johnnie Cochran and F. Lee Bailey, and his legacy, including what cases he believes he will be remembered for and why. The answers may shock you! He talks about his treatment by liberals, including Larry David and others who he considered friends and colleagues and the personal accusations that have been levied against him. At times, Dershowitz lets it fly. This is one episode you don’t want to miss! #alandershowitz #crossexamination #dershowitz

Linda Kenney Baden Talks About Her Career, Phil Spector, Being Portrayed By Helen Mirren And More

Did you know that Linda Kenney Baden is one of the most prolific lawyers in the country? She has defended or taken part in the defense of Phil Spector, Jayson Williams, Casey Anthony, Michael Skakel and Aaron Hernandez, to name a few. If you have read about a high profile case in which someone was acquitted and the case involved forensic evidence, there is a good chance that Linda Kenney Baden was involved. But her defense of Phil Spector, the music industry icon, in his trial for the murder of Lana Clarkson, is one of the things that she will be most remembered for by the public. She was portrayed by Academy Award winning actress Helen Mirren in the HBO Film, Phil Spector, who starred in the movie alongside Al Pacino (who portrayed Spector). She is a host on Dan Abrams Law & Crime Network. She is also married to one of the foremost forensic pathologists in the country, Michael Baden. Linda Kenney Baden is my guest on the Killer Cross Examination Podcast.

Bonus, Special Episode – Shocking New Information Regarding Breathalyzers and Breath Tests

This 26 minutes could change your life. I’m not kidding. We have shocking new information and evidence regarding breath tests and breathalyzers that you need to know and that we just obtained. This will shock the legal system, the prosecutors, the police, the judges and probation officers. How do I know? Watch and listen.

A Conversation With Legendary Attorney Jack Zimmermann

Jack Zimmermann is a true American hero. Zimmermann proudly admits to taking on the hardest, toughest cases and causes. He’s fought in war, defended soldiers wrongly accused in court martial cases, tried some of the toughest cases in Texas, freed people from death row and even got involved in the Branch Davidian David Koresh controversy in WACO and testified before Congress. Zimmermann is a true legend. A former partner of the legendary Racehorse Haynes, he joins me to tell us about his life and career on this episode of Killer Cross Examination.

Anne Bremner, TV/Court TV Legal Analyst and Record Setting Lawyer, Tells All

A whopping verdict of 98 million against the State of Washington for negligence in the deaths of the Powell children, one of the most tragic and followed cases in the history of that state. It wasn’t magic but she did represent one of the great magicians of all time, David Copperfield. Anne Bremner is an award winning trial lawyer, one of the nation’s most recognized legal analysts and a Court TV regular. She tells all on this episode of the Killer Cross Examination Podcast.

A Conversation with Michael Jackson’s lawyer, Tom Mesereau

What’s it like to win the biggest acquittal for the biggest star ever? Tom Mesereau knows. He defended the King of Pop Michael Jackson, Iron Mike Tyson, Robert Blake and Bill Cosby and … he’s here! If you ever wanted the behind the scenes take from the man himself and to hear some never before heard of stories from the Jackson trial, don’t miss this episode!