Sarah Swain AKA “Wonder Woman” Does Killer Cross

I bet you didn’t know that Wonder Woman lives in Kansas. Well, she does. Swain is nicknamed “Wonder Woman” and her firm is often referred to as “the Swain Train”. The Rockweiler meets Wonder Woman. This is an incredible episode.

For all of you progressives and for whose who wonder if it is different for a woman, listen to this episode. Swain is a maverick. In the heart of the Midwest, Kansas, Swain’s motto is “F— the Patriarchy” and she means it! She ran for Attorney General and wasn’t supported by either party. When asked who she’d like to cross examine, whether dead or alive, she said, “OJ Simpson”! When asked why? Swain said, “because I’d get him to confess.” Amazing stuff! When asked who the best cross examiner she’s ever seen was/is, she didn’t hesitate, “me”, she said. For years, the gnarlier the case, the more she wanted to be involved.