John Marko, The $11,670,128.33 Dollar Man

If Steve Austin was the $6,000,000 Man, Detroit Trial Lawyer John Marko is the $11,670,128.33 Man. Want to know why? Watch this episode of the Killer Cross Examination Podcast in which the host of the podcast, Neil Rockind aka “The Rockweiler”, goes one on one with Marko. John Marko is prodigious trial lawyer having worked with some of the top trial lawyers in Michigan and across the country. He has worked with Ven Johnson, Geoffrey Fieger and teaches trial skills and trial tactics at Trial Lawyers University (TLU) alongside other great trial lawyers, Rex Parris, Brian Panish, Ben Crump, Zoe Littlepage, Keith Mitnick, Nick Fowler, Roger Dodd and more. In case you can’t tell, Marko lives, eats and breathes trial work and jury trials and it shows … Marko has obtained some of the largest verdicts on behalf of plaintiff’s and injured parties in Michigan. The numbers are staggering: $20,000,000.00 $15,000,000.00 $11,000,000.00 $5,000,000.00 And so on … On this episode of the podcast, learn about his origins, how he approaches jury trials, his approach to voir dire and jury selection and how he approaches cross examination including the cross examination of expert witnesses hired by the other side and find out why we’ve dubbed him, the $11,670,128.33 Man.

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