Kevin Dietz: Veteran Journalist & Newsman

Neil Rockind interviews Kevin Dietz, veteran journalist, newsman, television and radio personality in Michigan. He is also the current host of All Talk on WJR-760 Radio with Tom Jordan.  Kevin has broke story after story, from going undercover in Texas during former Kramer Kilpatrick’s probation, uncovering the video in the Floyd Dent beating by a Inkster Police Officer and more.  Dietz shares his opinion on the impact on news coverage of trials, cameras in the courtroom, the differences between the news now and then and the important role that the news plays in covering the justice system.

From Nancy Kerrigan and Tonya Harding (the scandal that resulted in Kerrigan’s knee being busted), to Bob Bashara, Jack Kevorkian, Kwame Kilpatrick and other notable cases in Michigan history.  Dietz shares his biggest stories, most significant moments and his favorite moments in court.

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