Deandra Grant, “The Texas DWI Gal”

Deandra Grant, the Texas lawyer who is an expert in scientific evidence, is often referred to as “the lawyer lawyer’s call” when they need criminal defense help and assistance. Deandra Grant joins Neil Rockind on this episode of the top rated Killer Cross Examination Podcast.

Deandra Grant is a criminal defense lawyer who specializes in intoxicated-related offenses and with assisting other attorneys with cases in which intoxication may be an issue. She is the co-author of the Texas DWI Manual and a member of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences and the American Chemical Society. She has a masters degree in pharmaceutical science and graduate certificate in forensic toxicology. Not only is she a sought after speaker and presenter and an instructor but she founded an organization devoted to educating defense lawyers in DWI type cases.

Deandra Grant is a well-known lawyer in Texas criminal defense circles and a name nationwide to lawyers who handle drunk driving and intoxicated driving cases. Deandra Grant is regarded as an extraordinary cross examiner but don’t expect her to snarl and scream at the top of her lungs when cross examining a witness. Quite the opposite, she kills with kindness, offering witnesses a lethal choice of having to argue with her (when she clearly knows more than them) or agreeing with her and thus undermining their own case. And Deandra Grant does it all with a soft Texas drawl/accent and a smile.

Texas is the birthplace and home to some legendary lawyers, e.g., Gerald Goldstein, Jack Zimmerman, Racehorse Haynes, Dick DeGuerin, Rusty Hardin, Anthony Buzzbee, Mark Lanier, Cynthia Orr, to name just a few. During the podcast, Deandra Grant discusses her own experiences and her own cases but also comments on the Ken Paxton Impeachment Trial which featured a showdown between Buzzbee, Hardin and DeGuerin. Deandra Grant discusses her favorite types of witnesses to cross examine and shares several war stories from storied career.

Canadian Killer Cross with Joseph Neuberger

This week’s guest on Killer Cross Examination takes us on a journey into the life of a Canadian criminal defense attorney, and ultimately what that experience has meant for him. Joseph Neuberger is our guest. Neuberger is one of Ontario’s most prominent and well-known criminal defense lawyers. Prior to the podcast, I knew little about Neuberger and the Canadian criminal justice system. I know much more about both now.

Jury Trials: Neuberger discusses the value of jury trials and shares his envy for the American justice system where jury trials are a guarantee. Did you know that in Canada, jury trials are not a guarantee in other type of case other than a murder case? Simply put, jury trials do not exist in other than murder cases. This concept was so foreign to me that I had a hard time processing it when Neuberger shared as much during the podcast.

Voir Dire: One of my favorite parts of a jury trial is voir dire, the part of a jury trial where we lawyers question prospective jurors and root out those with a bias or a preconceived notion. Canada has eliminated peremptory challenges and voir dire. No voir dire? We lawyers cannot put questions to jurors and feel them out about their views and opinions on issues that are relevant to the case? Neuberger was envious that the practice is still so robust and vibrant in the US and he shared his longing for it to return to Canada. .

Cross Examination: We take cross examination and our independence from the judiciary for granted. Were a judge to insist on reviewing and approving a lawyer’s cross examination material here in the United States, lawyers and civil libertarians everyone would balk. But in Canada, their rules and constitution are different – not only are you not guaranteed the right to a jury trial for most offenses but your lawyers must submit their cross examination to the court for review ahead of time. Neuberger explains the impact on all of this and his practice and it is fascinating.

Violence and Assault Cases: Neuberger discuses domestic violence, sexual assault, divorce and allegations in the midst of contentious divorce cases, Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, false allegations and he shares his opinion on the frequency on false allegations – and make no mistake about it, Neuberger has an opinion. Be warned — he is not afraid to share it.

Joesph Neuberger, welcome to the podcast.

Behind The Scenes With Mark Eiglarsh, Attorney For Scot Peterson

My guest is Mark Eiglarsh. Mark Eiglarsh is a criminal defense lawyer, television analyst out of Florida. Eiglarsh is a regular, television commentator and analyst regularly appearing on CNN, Fox News and Court TV. He was a nightly fixture on the Dr. Drew show on CNN Headline News following and covering the Jodi Arias murder trial. The massacre at Rosemary Stoneman Douglas High School was fresh in the minds, eyes and hearts of so many when stories about school resource officer Scot Peterson began to unfold. At the time of the shooting, Peterson was the school’s law enforcement resource officer or liaison. It was his job to protect the students and he was being accused of doing just the opposite – acting out of cowardice and fear and “freezing” rather than finding, charging in and confronting the shooter. When he was charged with crimes, e.g., culpable negligence, neglect of duty as a caregiver to the students and perjury, Peterson turned to Eiglarsh to defend him. Eiglarsh did just that – through the years of litigation, depositions, motions, etc., Eiglarsh defended Peterson. Eiglarsh’s defense was spirited and effective – Peterson was acquitted by a jury on all counts. Eiglarsh joins me on this episode of the Killer Cross Examination Podcast.

After Obtaining An Acquittal For Travis Rudolph, Marc Shiner Does Killer Cross

Marc Shiner is our guest for this week’s Killer Cross Examination Podcast episode. I go behind the scenes of the Travis Rudolph murder case, the former Florida State University Football star who shiner defended in a Florida courtroom. Marc Shiner obtained an acquittal on all counts for Travis Rudolph. The case was highly publicized and not without fireworks: Shiner went after lead detective Emily Vander-Laan over her investigation. Shiner’s style of cross examination and in particular his cross examination of Vander-Laan is unconventional but incredibly effective. Shiner engages in a physical style of cross examination that really challenges the witness and was so effective in this case that not only did the jury disbelieve Vander-Laan but many observers (who watched his challenge of her) wanted other cases of hers reopened and re-examined.

Gerald “Gerry” Goldstein Defended Hunter Thompson And A Prophet

Gerry Goldstein is a a living legend. He’s represented a so-called prophet, a drug lord, politicians, an irreverent author to name a few. If there is a who’s who list out there about lawyers or quality people who are also lawyers, Goldstein is in the top 5. A visit to his office is a walk down a lane of history — accolades, awards, photographs, verdict forms line the walls from top to bottom and Goldstein has won so many, he needed a lot of walls to fit his awards and accomplishments. Goldstein is a past present of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, has won their Lifetime Achievement Award and is one of the most recognized lawyers by the NORML, the National Organization for Repealing Marijuana Laws. And he’s colorful as all get out. Every few minutes, Goldstein will drop a line or a saying that’s part humility, part self-deprecation and part nugget of wisdom. Only a few minutes into the conversation and it’s obvious that he is a natural on the stage and in the well. So much so that time and time again he has been sought after to defend major figures in high profile criminal cases. Full disclosure — I know Gerry Goldstein. He is a friend, a mentor and a lawyer with whom I have worked on a case. This interview was like having a conversation with an old friend and we talked about a lot including:

1. His beginnings as a lawyer

2. His background as 60’s flower child/peacenik

3. Why he went to law school (a lawyer number was to him safer than a Vietnam Draft Number

4. His representation of the leader and prophet of First Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (FLDS);

5. His representation of politicians accused of crimes

6. His partner Cynthia Orr, also a past president of the NACDl

7. His representation of Hunter S Thompson, the irreverent author of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and why he referred to Goldstein as the Maestro of Cross Examination

8. Wild wart stories

9. Who he’d like to cross examine the most

10. How his style differs from say Michael Tigar, whom Goldstein referred to as a mind on another level.

Goldstein is self-deprecating and humble (when I introduce him he said, “thank you for those kind lies.” This is an incredible opportunity to hear from one of America’s great lawyers and trial lawyers, Gerald Goldstein.

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Daniel Callahan has a bigger verdict than you, I promise.

Throughout his career, Daniel J. Callahan has always been known as one of the top trial attorneys in California. His notable jury verdicts included a $934,000,000 jury verdict obtained after a three-month jury trial in a complex business dispute entitled Beckman Coulter vs. Flextronics. This unanimous verdict was the largest in California in 2003 and remains the largest in Orange County history.

Mr. Callahan also went on to obtain a $50,000,000 settlement in a road design case against the City of Dana Point. Exclusive of large class actions, this continues to be the largest personal injury settlement in United States history.

Mr. Callahan also obtained, after a two-month jury trial, a $38 Million settlement on behalf of a class of newspaper delivery drivers against The Orange County Register. This is still the highest employment settlement in Orange County’s history.

Josh Ritter, LA Lawyer & True Crime Daily-Sidebar Host

Josh is a California criminal defense lawyer who is also the host of the True Crime Daily – Sidebar podcast. He worked closely with Alan Jackson on the Phil Spector / Lana Clarkson murder case while in the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office. Josh and I discussed various cases including the sovereign citizen defense put on by in pro per Darrel Brooks in the Wisconsin Christmas Parade Massacre, Camille Vasquez’s cross examination of Amber Heard in Depp v Heard and the conduct of the judge in the Nicholas Cruz sentencing phase towards Cruz’s lawyers. This is an incredible episode with an incredible talent. Josh Ritter joined me on the Killer Cross Examination Podcast.

About Neil Rockind – Neil Rockind is a trial lawyer. Neil Rockind is often considered a bet the farm/company type of lawyer, taking on cases where the stakes are “all in.” Neil Rockind appears regularly on television and in the news, defends people in serious court cases, is a regular guest on the Law and Crime Network and also discusses popular trials and cases and current events with other top lawyers around the country. Neil Rockind has won just about every award imaginable, has represented athletes, celebrities, musicians, posters and has obtained acquittals in all varieties of cases. His nickname is “The Rockweiler” and he’s known for his cross examination style.

Alex Jones Lawyer Norm Pattis Discusses Sandy Hook Billion Dollar Lawsuit

Norm Pattis is one of the most well known and recognized trial lawyers in Connecticut. Pattis is no stranger to controversy, having participated in the defense of at least one J6 defendant so it came as no surprise that he got involved in the defense of online provocateur and extremist Alex Jones in the Sandy Hook Defamation Trial in Connecticut. Jones was found liable and ordered to pay hundreds of millions of dollars. Norm Pattis sparred with the Koskoff lawyers, Chris Mattie, the judge, a courtroom of victims and survivors and intense media coverage – not to mention having to manage Alex Jones as a client. Norm Pattis joins me on the podcast to dissect the trial, the verdict, the judge, his strategy, the plaintiff’s lawyer and the media on the Killer Cross Examination® Podcast.

JOSE BAEZ | Casey Anthony & Aaron Hernandez Defense Attorney

Jose Baez the masterful criminal defense lawyer who engineered acquittals in Aaron Hernandez’s murder case, Casey Anthony’s murder trial, William Husel’s murder case, is a household name. His exploits in the courtroom and in high profile cases is right up there with F. Lee Bailey, Thomas Mesereau, Mark Geragos, Mark O’Mara, Rex Parris, Linda Kenney Baden, Diane Menashe and others. No #truecrime or trial lawyer focused podcast would be complete without Jose Baez. Jose Baez joins Neil Rockind, The Rockweiler, on this episode of the Killer Cross Examination Podcast.

Do you want to more about the Aaron Hernandez case?

Wonder how Baez became a criminal defense lawyer?

Do you know whether Baez thinks “snark” and “sarcasm” and mocking prosecutors is appropriate nor not?

Do you want to know why he thought the William Husel case was so important?

How does he handle associates and junior lawyers in the courtroom and what does he tell them and his clients when they’re in the courtroom?

Does he script his closing arguments?

Where did the Oprah Winfrey “Immunity” closing argument come from in the Hernandez case?

How does he handle difficult judges? How does he deal with his notoriety in his cases?

His technique?

Want to know the answers? Watch/Listen to the podcast.

Ven Johnson a.k.a Ven Fights

Ven Johnson the venerable civil rights, plaintiff’s injury and high profile lawyer, joins Neil Rockind on this episode of the Killer Cross Examination Podcast. The episode is electric.  Ven, whose nickname is the Fighter and Ven Fights, and Neil Rockind, the Rockweiler, discuss Ven Johnson’s career, Ben Crump, Geoffrey Fieger, Patrick Layoya, the Flint Water Class Action Case, the Midland Flood Case, the Oxford High School Shooting Case and a whopping $100,000,000 (100 Million Dollar) verdict Ven Johnson got from a Georgia jury for his client, Jessie Blassingame in Georgia this year.

Some highlights: Ven Johnson reveals how he prepares for cases/trials, what is like working with Ben Crump, how he feels about the Oxford Consolidated School District Board and why discusses how he has uncovered so much information that wasn’t previously known about it, his representation of Patrick Layoya along with Ben Crump and his TKO in the first round of the trial against Atlanta on behalf of Jessie Blassingame.  You do not want to miss this episode – the Blassingame war story is worth the price of admission alone.