Alex Jones Lawyer Norm Pattis Discusses Sandy Hook Billion Dollar Lawsuit

Norm Pattis is one of the most well known and recognized trial lawyers in Connecticut. Pattis is no stranger to controversy, having participated in the defense of at least one J6 defendant so it came as no surprise that he got involved in the defense of online provocateur and extremist Alex Jones in the Sandy Hook Defamation Trial in Connecticut. Jones was found liable and ordered to pay hundreds of millions of dollars. Norm Pattis sparred with the Koskoff lawyers, Chris Mattie, the judge, a courtroom of victims and survivors and intense media coverage – not to mention having to manage Alex Jones as a client. Norm Pattis joins me on the podcast to dissect the trial, the verdict, the judge, his strategy, the plaintiff’s lawyer and the media on the Killer Cross Examination® Podcast.

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