Josh Ritter, LA Lawyer & True Crime Daily-Sidebar Host

Josh is a California criminal defense lawyer who is also the host of the True Crime Daily – Sidebar podcast. He worked closely with Alan Jackson on the Phil Spector / Lana Clarkson murder case while in the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office. Josh and I discussed various cases including the sovereign citizen defense put on by in pro per Darrel Brooks in the Wisconsin Christmas Parade Massacre, Camille Vasquez’s cross examination of Amber Heard in Depp v Heard and the conduct of the judge in the Nicholas Cruz sentencing phase towards Cruz’s lawyers. This is an incredible episode with an incredible talent. Josh Ritter joined me on the Killer Cross Examination Podcast.

About Neil Rockind – Neil Rockind is a trial lawyer. Neil Rockind is often considered a bet the farm/company type of lawyer, taking on cases where the stakes are “all in.” Neil Rockind appears regularly on television and in the news, defends people in serious court cases, is a regular guest on the Law and Crime Network and also discusses popular trials and cases and current events with other top lawyers around the country. Neil Rockind has won just about every award imaginable, has represented athletes, celebrities, musicians, posters and has obtained acquittals in all varieties of cases. His nickname is “The Rockweiler” and he’s known for his cross examination style.

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